Summer hair care routine.

April 25, 2021

Summer is so close, we can almost taste it. But, how should you care for your hair and extensions?

Summers in Colorado are a whole different game than back in Florida. We are closer to the sun so you can very easily burn yourself in a matter of minutes. Plus it’s so dry in here your skin can easily crackle. Drinking plenty of water and applying sunblock constantly will help your skin but what about our hair and extensions?

Sunblock and water are great for your skin but not so much for your hair. These are my tips to care for your hair this summer:

1- Before going into the pool or beach make sure to wet your hair with regular water, apply conditioner and put on a braid. This will prevent the hair from sucking in all the salt and chlorine. Chlorine build up will not only make your hair feel horrible, it will also make it difficult for us stylists to get beautiful colors, and on blondes the hair might turn green. The salt will dehydrate the hair making it fell brittle and wiry.

2- After getting off the water (pool or beach), rinse your hair throughly and re-apply conditioner. If possible, do not let the chlorine or salty water dry on your hair. When you get home rinse out very well, shampoo and deep condition your hair for 10 minutes. Use a sulfate and parabens free hydrating masque. I love Pai Shau revitalizing mask.

3- Extensions, specially light color ones, can get pink or peachy tones. Most sunblocks contain Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) which is an oil-soluble ingredient used to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays. When the product is absorbed by the hair and exposed to sun it causes a chemical reaction that changes the color on the extensions. BARE REPUBLIC and SUM BUM are some of the sunblocks I have found don’t have Avobenzone. Fun Fact: this sunblocks are not damaging to our corals. Most sunblocks cause what is known as coral bleaching. But even while using this products I will suggest you put your hair up in a bun while applying sunscreen and keep it there until it dries.

4- Use an oil free serum. Oil free serums are an important part of my daily routine. You read that right, daily. Most people only use a serum when they first wash their hair and, on humid places you could get away with it. but not here in Colorado. Before I brush my hair in the mornings I put a little serum on my hair (mid-shaft to ends)  and then I proceed with brushing it. You don’t want anything oily on your hair so no coconut, olive or any at home oils. At home versions are too oily and what happens if you put something on hot oil? That is exactly what would happen to your hair when you get on the hot sun with heavy oils on it. So, how do I know what serums are ok to use? Simply put some on your hands and rub it. Oil free serums are easily absorb by your hair and skin. If after a minute or so your hands still feel greasy then is too heavy for your hair. I recommend Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion.

5- Compliment your hair care routine with an in salon treatment. Have you ever said to your stylist, my hair feels so much better when you do it? The secret lyes on the treatments we use. Our treatments are stronger than anything you can get at home. That’s why we recommend them only once a month or every other month. Yes, it is an extra cost but you already invested so much on your extensions so why not do everything possible to keep them looking their best.




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