How to Strong Curls

July 8, 2021

Raise your hands if your curls never last? I get it, specially if you have super fine straight hair. But no worries this post is all about how to create strong curls that would last more than a few hours.

First I have to explain the why we do certain things. For example we were taught, at least I was, to grab the curling iron put it in the ends and roll it up for curls. Not the correct way to do things but why? When we think of the hair strand the ends are the oldest part of it. Depending on the length, it has taken years of heat, washing, styling, pulling and I can keep on going. The ends are the most fragile and needs the most protecting. So in order to create strong curls the most amount of heat should go to the newest hair first and leave the ends for last.

When using a curling iron we start first at the middle, work our way up and then down. Leaving those ends for last. I suggest not using anything higher than 320 degrees, if you have fine hair or extra blonde go down to 280 degrees. Let all curls cool down before brushing them or fluffing them out. Some times I even clip the curls until they are fully cool down. The reasoning behind waiting is the following: Heat changes the shape of the hair. That’s why we use it to get it straight or curly.  If the curls cool down while you were brushing them out they would have cool down in that position and not be as strong. Unless you are looking for super soft wave, I would suggest wait and be ok with having extra bouncy curls the first few days as they eventually will fall down. That way you can guarantee not having to use hot tools every day and damage your hair even further.

For those of you that are not too savvy with tools I love using twisted barril curling irons. My favorite is Bio Ionic Stylewinder This tool is a life saver and very easy to use.

Once you separate the curls, use a soft hairspray like, Pai-Shau Sublime hairspray, to give some extra hold that you would be able to brush later.

Beachy Waves Video 

Baby fine and straight hair

This type of hair is truly the hardest to work with as it doesn’t hold anything for long. The tool that I have found works the best on this type of hair is the most unusual and that is a Flat Iron.   Flat irons tend to seal the cuticle better than curling irons so they work great. Simply put the flat iron closest to your scalp, turn once and pull slowly until you’ve ran out of hair. Start with the position of your hand kind on in an uncomfortable position so its comfortable when you twist it. Don’t stop, as it will create a line, keep it moving very slowly. And or course don’t use heat higher than 320 degrees. Let the curls cool down completely before touching them. When separating the curls do so with a wide tooth comb and always out and not down. A little volumizing hair spray and texture dust at the base for volume, I recommend Pai-Shau Sublime Spray and texture dust. There you have it. Most of my girls get at least a full day of curls with this technique.

Curls With Curling Iron Video. Sorry it’s in Spanish but just look at the hands movement.


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