How to extend the life of your extensions?

April 29, 2021

We all know hair extensions are not cheap, specially if they are hand-tied wefts. Most stylists will tell you that you will have to start replacing hand-tied wefts in four months. Would you believe me if I tell you most of my guests don’t need to start replacing hand-tied wefts but after eight months. Machine hair can last up to a year before needing replacement. How is that even possible? I teach every single one of my guests on how to properly care for their extensions but most importantly what tools to use and how to use them.

Here is my list of “Must Have Tools”

1- I love Wet Brush for untangling the hair while is wet. The bristles on this brush are soft and won’t break through the hair in order to get it untangled. Always brush starting at the ends and working your way up. For more care information you can go to my At Home Care section on my website.

2- For brushing your hair while it’s dry I recommend the Wet Shine Brush. Wait, why do I need two different brushes? The shine brush is designed to help move the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair it also helps promote blood flow on your scalp. If you want to treat yourself to an even better brush I recommend Mason Pierson. You are sure to fall in love with this brush.

3- Now that we got the brushing part down lets talk styling. I love long barrel curling irons like BIO IONIC. They come in 1″ and 1.25″.  For my “Shakira” curls I love Hot Tools Deep Waver. If you prefer straight hair you will love BABYLISSPRO Prima 3000. This tool is also great to create long lasting curls on very fine hair. I do not recommend high heat on tools so anything higher than 320 degrees is too high. If we can keep it under 300 degrees, you hair would love you for it.

4- I just have one more must have tool, well it might not be considered a tool but it’s definitely going to up your extension and hair game. A silk or satin pillow case. Silk or Satin pillow cases are slippery, making sure there is no pulling or tension on the hair while sleeping.

There you have it. I made it simple and added the links to all the tools, just click on their name and it will direct you to their Amazon link. I also have videos on my FaceBook and Instagram pages on how to use these tools. If you have any questions just let me know.



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