Frequently Asked Questions

What does hand-tied mean?

Hand-tied is a type of weft, not a method of extensions.

What is the difference between a hand-tied and machine weft?

Machine weft– This type of weft is put together by a machine. Because of it, they tend to be more economical than hand-tied. The base of the weft is also bulkier limiting the amounts of wefts we can put per row to one. If you have very thin hair this weft might not be ideal for you. These are usually ideal for beginners since the base of the weft is a lot stronger than that of a hand-tied. They come in a variety of colors, but only come straight and wavy.  

Hand-tied weft– These wefts are put together by hand. For that reason, expect to pay more for a hand-tied weft than a machine one. Fun fact, it takes about an hour to put together one weft by hand. They are thinner than machine wefts, making them ideal for everyone. They come in a variety of lengths and curl patterns and are perfect to create dimensional colors. Methods using hand-tied weft are also more versatile and are seamless. Your hair can split right on top of the weft and no one will notice, unlike other methods.

Why do I have to fill out an application?

The application is a set of questions designed to help me determine what method of extensions would work best for your wants and needs. It also helps me prepare better for the consultation to follow. 

Why sign an agreement?

Agreements are in place to ensure we both understand what was discussed in matters of hair color and/or extensions. 

Why so many hair extensions certifications?

I am a strong believer that “There is an extension for everyone”. For that reason, I offer Invisible Bead Extensions, Waterfall Beaded Row, MicroLines, Natural Beaded Row, Tape-ins, Halo and clip in extensions and top pieces. Whether you are new to extensions, are going to a special event or want a more permanent solution, we can find an extension for you. 

What is included on my initial quote?

Your initial installation will include extension hair, coloring of your hair and/or extension hair, haircut, style and the knowledge necessary to care for your new look. 

How much are extensions?

Pricing of hair extensions varies first by method. Permanent vs temporary. Second factor to consider will be the hair. The price on these varies by length, texture, curl pattern, color and quality. Amount of hair needed is also a big factor when it comes to pricing. The complexity of the work will determine the initial price, which will be the highest. 

(Cost of hair + Service + Method = Price) 

Maintenance price will be discussed during consultation. 

What is my price after initial appointment?

Maintenance price will be discussed during consultation. But a person needing three rows of extensions to accomplish a look will pay more than someone needing only one. 

How often do I have to buy new hair?

That is mostly dependent on the guest. The products and care given to the hair at home will become a huge factor when it comes to elongating the life of the hair. But for most people will need to start switching handtied wefts at about four months. Expect to have to change all of your hair at least once a year. For machine wefts is common to switch around every six months. With proper care, we could go longer but again that is totally dependent on the guest. With MicroLines we could go a lot longer if we do a refresh service on the hair piece. I will touch all of that during consultation. 

I have my own hair; can you install it?

The answer is NO. The quality of the hair is as important as the installation itself. In order to receive and guarantee the best possible outcome, I will have to provide everything. I do not know where the hair you have come from and its quality. For that reason, I will not put my name on it. 

How often do I have to move up or adjust my extensions?

A good rule of thumb is every six to eight weeks. This does not mean that some people might have to come sooner or can wait a little longer. This is all dependent on your natural hair growth and the maintenance provided at home. Longer than 8 weeks is usually discourage due to the possible damage to hair and scalp. 

Are extensions damaging to my hair and scalp?

Extensions when done and taken care of properly are NOT damaging to hair or scalp. You will be sent home will all the knowledge and proper training on how to wash, brush, style and care for your extensions. The Home Maintenance guide is also posted on my website for easy reference. 


What products should I be using on my extensions?

On this link (link) you can find a list of products I use and trust on all of my extensions. But simply put I recommend professional grade products. Oil free serums, absolutely no protein on extensions and soft moisture. Protein and alcohol based products will make extensions brittle and shorten the life of them. On the other hand, heavy oils and moisture will also destroy the quality of the hair. Absolutely no silicone products, they might make the hair look shinny on the outside but prevents the hair from soaking in the good moisture. That applies for your natural hair as well.  

My extensions turned orange?

It is common on lighter extensions to turn a brassy color. This is often caused by hard water and sunblock. Yes, sunblock will turn extensions a brassy tone. 

Should I wash my hair before my appointment? 

Absolutely! Product build up and natural oils can interfere with coloring and lightening services. Washing 12 to 24 hours prior to your service will help me provide consistent results.


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