Extension Pricing

Hair extensions

Hair Extension Pricing

Invisible Bead Extensions / Natural Beaded Row

Installation Price: $200 per row plus hair*

Maintenance price: $150 per row

*Price of hair varies by length and curl pattern

Waterfall Beaded Row 

Installation Price:

16” or less – $650

17” to 20” – $775

18” to 24” – $1150

Maintenance price: $250


Installation price: $500 plus the price of the piece*

Maintenance price:

-Quickie appointment- $75

-Remove and reinstall- $150

*Price of the piece varies by length, color and style.

Tape-in Extensions

Installation price: $300 plus hair*

Maintenance price: $300

*Price on hair varies by length and size.

** Prices does not include coloring of your hair or extensions.