Extension Pricing

Hair extensions

Hair Extension Pricing

All Beaded Methods

  • Installation Price- $200 per row plus hair.
  • Maintenance- $150 per row. *Prices do not include color.


  • Installation price: $500
  • Maintenance Price:
  • Quickie Appointment- $120 Includes wash and blow dry plus retightening of the piece.
  • Remove and reinstall- $190 Includes removal of the piece, wash and blow dry of your hair and the piece, and re-installation. 


  • Installation- Price upon consultation. 

Tape-in Extensions

  • Installation- $300 plus hair.
  • Maintenance- $300 It includes removal and re-taping of all extensions. Wash and blow dry of guests’ hair. 

Extension Color 

Extensions are exciting but much like hair they fade, loose dimension and need to be treated

  • Shadow root of extensions- $50 Included on first installation. Shadow rooting extension helps them give them a seamless more natural look. 
  • Refresh of extensions-  $50 per row. Much like hair extensions fade and turn unwanted tones. Depending on guests’ lifestyle this service is needed every other move up. 
  • Dimension- $40 per row. Sometimes dimension is needed to create the most seamless look.
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